The Chocolate Mix


A Lisa’s Sweet Treats classic!

Let’s throw it back to the days where we mulled over the pick n mix stand in our nearest Woolworths except now, it’s even better! Get your scrumptious favourites delivered straight to your door.

Bursting with a mix of all the best chocolate sweets, just choose the size for you. Remember, these are irresistible so make sure there’s enough to go round!

Our chocolate Mix could include:

  • White Chocolate Stars V
  • Milk Chocolate Stars V
  • Chocolate Ice Creams
  • Jazzies V
  • Snowies V
  • Pink and White Chocolate Mice V
  • Spinning Tops V
  • Giant Jazzies V
  • Giant Snowies V

None of the products listed above contain peanuts or nuts but may contain traces of peanuts and nuts.

We don’t send any paper receipts with our products, so they are ideal to be sent directly!

Additional information

Weight N/A

<p><span><span>Fish n Chips</span></span></p>

<p><span><span>Sugar, Palm Oil, Whey Powder (from COW'S MILK), WHEAT Flour (with added Calcium & Iron & Niacin & Thiamin*) *Nutrients require


250g, 500g, 800g, 1.3kg, 2kg, Small Sweet Jar, Medium Sweet Jar, Giant Sweet Jar


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